Words and music by Mitch Brookhyser and Danny Scholz


Singing in the bright sunshine
My skin was warm and the sands of time
Scattered slow – oh they scattered so slow
Met a lonely balladeer
Traveling ‘round with a song sincere
Told a story so sublime
About skipping stones and drinking wine
On the road – Oh the long open road
Came a day he found a girl
Laughing barefoot at the world
Innocence with soft blue eyes
A love he called the Rose

They threw coins in a wishing well
He took his hand she cast her spell (like)
Summer’s do – and oh and how that summer flew
She gave her flower oh so fair
The sounds of pleasure filled the air
They came together like a song
A melody that lingers on
And won’t let go – Oh you know, you know, you know
They fell together in the bliss
In summer love and happiness
Believing it would never end
That love he called the Rose

But again the stage beckoned him to come
And the balladeer had but room for one
Though he longed to stay or so the story goes
Upon his pillow she’d left a single rose