From the recording True Strings

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Words and music by Mitch Brookhyser and Danny Scholz

Spent many midnight all alone
laid some hard earned money down
Looking for this thing called love
on the swinging side of the town
Sorry sad but true
the road to modern love can bring you down
my lady knows me knows enough
to drive me crazy
I give her my all love

Give er my all love
She’s my pretty pretty lady
I give ‘er my all love
She’s my pretty pretty girl

Women they come around
Each one sings a different song
Body and charms are found
She won’t make me wait too long
Lord I know ‘cause it’s been said
Got the wicked road to lead me down
One lady knows me love’s enough
To drive me crazy
I give ‘er my all love
Giver ‘er my all love
Give it to me

Been washed ashore and pounded hard
By some wicked waves of love
Never thought you’d last this long
Lady finally fits you like a glove
Could it really be you
The pretty lady has been waiting for
You know you need her that enough
To drive you crazy
Oooo , all love
Mmm my all love
Mmmmm my all love
One lady loves me loves enough
She drives me crazy I give ‘er my all love
Give ‘er my all love
Ah, ah, ah, ah
Give ‘er my all love