From the recording True Strings

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Funk Rock


Words and music by Mitch Brookhyser and Danny Scholz 1-5-2013

In every checkout line
You’re guaranteed to find
The latest rag on the stars
Who’s in in outerwear
The tightest derriere
The limits taken too far
Come on… feed me

We know who’s cheating who
What’s cooking in the stew
The shocking split homicide
Oh, it’s all true of course
Close friend’s an inside source
Whose name we’ll never provide… no, no

We sell you fans
Your weight loss plans
Don’t mind us paparazzi
The weekly dash to
Spread more trash
We’re mindless paparazzi
Yeah, yeah, yeah… Feed me

What’s going on tonight
To feed the parasite
A private party premier?
A-List will be around
Your mug shot could be crowned
Our cover shot of the year… Let’s go!

So watch your step
And don’t forget
We’re mindless paparazzi
Behind the flash
We make our cash
We’re mindless
Feed us more, Feed us more
Feed us more, FEED US MORE!

Taylor, Gaga and Jen
We wish that we were them
We’re set and ready to chase
Red carpet, Soho bars
Pulled over in your cars
We’ll put the lens in your face… Gotcha!