1. Water

Acoustic Ballad 11-30-14


Words and music written by Bobby Logan & Mitch Brookhyser 11-30-14

I need a drink of water
So I can clear my mind
I need a drink of water please
So I can move on, move on
please help me
feed my mind
I can’t see
I gotta clear my eyes

With drink of water
gonna clear my mind
gonna tell myself
it’s gonna be alright
if I close my eyes
and I say my prayers
will you guide me
through the changes
feeling weak in my mind
please help me flow
like water
like water
like water yeah

Words cannot say
what it means
to feel pain
I see the water in your eyes
and it moves me
to wonder, hey if I could
walk on water
I touch the mind that heals me
heal this crying
deep inside my head
my head
my head
my head

yeah, water