1. Moose Turd Pie

From the recording True Strings

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Words and music by Mitch Brookhyser and Danny Scholz

A nation, frustration, I need a libation
as I think about the words in this pontification
Inferior, deliria, decay of the interior
talking with their heads up in the holes of their posterior
A riddle, acquittal, a jury in the middle
I hope the blood sucker might of cared just a little
My-oh-my how the victims cry
when they’re serving up a helping of that moose turd pie

Absorbent, abundant, the words of the pundit
speaking in the prose that become so redundant
Gentle, it’s mental but not coincidental
the timing of the messages are never accidental
Oppression, possession, becoming the obsession
working toward the limits of the truth and its progression
Deny the accusation or say it’s just a lie
have another spoonful of that moose turd pie

Sitting in his lap she was glad to take a nap
he was happy in the sack till the camera caught his back
My-oh-my how the stink does fly
when they’re serving up a helping of that moose turd pie

Scared straight, testing fate, judges will deliberate
keeping track of the pack of stories that they defecate
Callous-e, malice-e, progressing to normalcy
hidden in the shadows are the sources of the fallacy
To heed-ia, the greed-ia, to pacify the media
a story gets dropped just to plant a little seed-ia
Get it while it’s steaming hot, don’t let it pass you by
here comes another helping of that moose turd pie