1. Toshia

From the recording True Strings

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Acoustic/rock Ballad


Words and music by Mitch Brookhyser and Danny Scholz (except intro verse - author unknown)

At the end of the road when the sun has set for me
I want no rites read from a musty room why cry for a soul set free
Miss me a little but not long with heads bowed low
Think of love that we once shared miss me baby
But let me go

Driving on the brink baby had too much to drink
Sure wasn’t Sunday
She went blazing cross the line couldn’t turn the wheel in time
Sign read one way
Oh that crash of flesh and steel had a very strong appeal
So her friends say
All the love that could have been Peter Pan and Deborah Lynn
Ashes scatter the bay

Toshia’s out of time
Toshia’s out of time
Toshia’s out of time
Let her go

She was always having fun, couldn’t sit still on the run
As the band played
And that smile on her face, in my memory leaves a trace
As the pictures fade
Driving whiskey and a car it don’t get you very far
Before you see
That our lives are just a stage, a script without a page
She was twenty-three

Spirits lifted float away
As the sunset ends the day
She lives in me anyway
Sorrow passes and in time
Roads and memories as they wind
Changes in our state of mind
Let her go

On that warm October day all the families came to pray
For the one they missed
I stood silent in the back watching people wearing black
Start the reminisce
I say lives and blades of grass some grow slow and others fast
Gardner comes along
Dark and empty at the start like an arrow through my heart
Life still goes on (but)