The True Strings Philosophy - "Make Good Music!"

Listen Now: "River King" by True Strings

We Produce Radio Quality Songs
True Strings Productions is a homolgation of songwriter, musician, sound engineer, publisher, distributor and venture capitalist. Mitch and Danny are recording artists who develop and produce radio ready products totally independent of the music industry. Finished songs are ready for immediate transfer to radio, smartphone or MP3 player. Watch the True Strings production process on their video blog. Making new music is the end result.

Listen Now: Interview with True Strings Singer Mitch Brookhyser

The True Strings Epiphony

Producing a song that captures your attention is hard work. You give us 10 seconds to grab you, 4 minutes to tell you a story and in that short time move you to laugh, cry, tap your foot or sing along. WE GET IT!!!

True Strings Productions produces songs to please the broadest audience possible. We produce a lot of songs. Our vison is to reach as many people through the art of recording as possible. If you're a fan, musician, singer, producer or record label and you like what you hear, we strive to support your journey down the tenuous music highway. Licensing rights to all songs published by True Strings Productions are available for promotion or development. Contact Mitch at