Mitch Brookhyser
Mitch Brookhyser is the lyricists and managing partner of True Strings Productions. He provides the vision and leadership for the True Strings project. “I saw too many great songs not being shared and heard so much garbage being played on the radio I decided someone had to do something about it. I reached out to Danny and we formed True Strings Productions in 2012.” Mitch is a selfless, career minded producer and closer. As a musician, vocalist and sound engineer he works with Scholz to develop new "classic rock." True Strings Productions provides a pipeline for countless compositions. Mitch assures only original ideas are captured, preserved and developed. He has archived hundreds of original songs and shoulders the legal and publishing concerns for True Strings. His diverse aptitudes and adherence to discipline can be credited to his many years in the fire service as well as a Master’s Degree in Leadership from the University of Southern California. Mitch has a passion for producing music and loves working with talented artists so he is dually qualified to represent the interests of a highly talented pool of recording professionals.