Our Top Songs According to Music Xray 

So here's how the song submission process works at True Strings. We transfer our inventory and our newest original songs for release over to several submission services. We like Music Xray best because they continually kick us in the balls with their merciless feedback. (Ouch!! thank you guys can we have another! ha ha ha). Music Xray claims to have a pool of industry professionals that will listen to each of our songs and give them a subjective rating. These ratings are then averaged and each song is given a percentage score compared to other songs submitted on the site. Songs are rated for things like composition, production quality, arrangement, performance and of course, hit potential. Now at True Strings we produce new classic rock so we don't think we're in the same league as Justin Beber or One Direction (Darn). We write all our songs and play them on our guitars knowing full well that the radio stations playing new rock n roll are few and far between. The songs here were submitted on 10-19-13 and have been available for review for less than a week. Here's our hit list as of 10-23-13

1. So Many Tear  (I can't believe this!) 31% with 4 fans
2. How I Remember You. 31% with 7 fans
3. Sweet Days of Youth - 31% with 4 fans
4. Guide My Way - 30% with 4 fans
5. Hyper - (Surprisingly) 30% with no fans ha ha! go figure

Check out my favorite, "Guide My Way" 

Keep watching the blog because I think things are gonna get pretty interesting in the nest few months.

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