We're getting close to the launch of the site

10/11/12 Well, things are looking pretty good. Danny and I got together Tuesday night 10/9/2012 and worked out the final details to Hailstorm, Just For You, Tomorrowland, Moose Turd Pie and started work on a new song orignally titled "Cool Acoustic Tune" but now relabled "Making Me Whole." We will be headingout to Mark's place in Canyon Lake to do the final mastering on several of these songs and I expect to launch the website shortly there after. I am looking at the time line here. I started this in May and here we are in October. We have either remastered or wrote over 15 songs for the site and have another 15 in pre-production. Danny has really taken on the idea of producing recordings and his prowess on GarageBand and now Pro-tools has been nothing short of miraculous. My hope is that we can find an audience out there and touch some lives with this work.

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