Opportunity is a Window

6/5/12 So, I get a call from Kati O'Toole over at Studio Pros. She says they can master the True Strings Album (or at least the first song). The only way to master now days is in Pro-Tools 10. I need to provide the songs to them in two-track stereo Wave Files (Huh?). Boy the learning curve. I get in contact with Gilmore Music down in Long Beach CA. They have a 24-track recording studio and several sound engineers on call. I call the first guy on the list, Ron, and explain my situation. I have 16-tracks on two Hi-8 analog tapes from a pair of Tascam DA-78HR that I need the data converted into Wave Files, mixed and mastered. Can he do it? He says yes!!! I'm talking to him as I'm waiting at Supercuts. I needed a haircut. So while I'm still waiting for a chair I decide to call the next guy on the Gilmore list of engineers, Sam. I explain to Sam my situation and he is so honest saying he can't help me but wishes he could. He explains that he is currently a sound engineering student at Cal-State Dominguez Hills. I don't know why, but he asks if I would like to submit a song w/o drums or bass that he can use for his summer school project.What!?!

This guy doen't even know me and has never heard True Strings music yet he wants me to send him some of our work and produce it in the universities pro quality studio for free!!! Okay, I bite. I send him "Tell Me Why" by Palacio and Butler and "Hey Bob" by Butler and myself via computer MP3 file. We'll see what happens.

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