Layering with precussion

6/17/12 It was Father's Day but I was still able to get out to Cal-State Dominguez and meet up with Sam, Daniel and the drummer Isreal (Iz) to listen in while drum tracks were added to "Hey Bob." To mic drums is no easy task. A total of eight mics were used: Two overheads, one room, one kick, one snare, one for Tom 1, one for Tom 2, one for the hi-hat. Although things started out a bit rocky with cables not working properly and such, eventually all got underway and the drummer (Iz) started clicking with the pieces already recorded. I had to leave around 10:30 but at my time of departure, Iz was starting to get his groove on and Sam was heading to the mini-mart for some Redbulls. I think they planned on making a night of it. I can't wait to hear the results. Note: called Sam the following day and he said they worked passed 2 am.

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