Danny and I back out to Canyon Lake

8/4/12 Picked up Danny this morning and we headed out to Mark's Place in Canyon Lake. Spent the day on River King, Toshia Out of Time and Hailstorm. River King is done. Toshia needed some cleaning up, a lot more than I expected. We dumped the violin piece, moved some harmonic leads, repaired the intro digitally (that was interesting) and EQd the whole thing. It is amazing what you can do to analog recordings once they are in a digital format. You can make just about anything sound good. If it sounds good already, well that's the real fun. You can make good recording sound amazing!!! Mark is doing an excellent job working with us. He is very patient as Danny and I give him direction on edits and sound adjustments. He also offers his input from years in the business. This makes it a learning experience and a lesson in musical creativity every time we get together with him.

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