Charting and Pro-Tools Transfer of Hey Bob

8/6/12 This evening was a freight train. Got off work. Stacy had dinner ready as I walked through the door (Stir-Fry). Half-way through the meal, door bell rings. Danny Scholz coming home from work wants to pick up the Quadraverb to work on the delay effects for Hailstorm. I finish dinner. Doorbell rings, Ty Warren (my guitar teacher) here for a lesson on charting music. We go up to the studio and start the initial charting of "Power of One." I'm thinking we can blaze through 2-3 songs in an hour. Duh! "Power of One" I find out is in 6/8 time and we have to basically chart out the whole arrangement on a legal pad before we put the first measure of music on charting paper. We do finish the song before the hours up though. I love this song "Power of One." It is one of Lu Palacio's better acoustic ballads. Very deep. Sad. Well written with good lyrical content. I am hoping Danny will begin to open his mind to becoming a music producer of songs rather than just working on his own original compositiions. This really can broaden our possibilities as a songwriting and production team. So much work so little time.

After Ty takes off, doorbell rings. Daniel Aguirre from CSDH is back from a tour in Japan with the hip-hop band he does the sound for. He has his computer and he downloads the Pro-Tools Wave files of all tracks for Hey Bob. Now I can take the song in its entirety to Mark in Canyon Lake and have the song mixed and balanced. We are getting closer to having a complete 10 song inventory for our first CD. Very exciting stuff!

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