The Heart of a Songwriter

11/7/12 As a singer, musician, songwriter and producer I've found it very interesting working with songwriters. The biggest dream of a songwriter is to have their song produced, heard on the radio and appreciated by others. Some may hope to receive a nice paycheck and royalties for their efforts as well. The biggest fear of the songwriter is that people will hear their songs, and not like them. Taking the chance to share one's songs subjects the songwriter to criticisim, usually by people who have never written a song before and have no idea the heart and soul that is required to write and arrange one's thoughts and feelings in music. If songwriting were easy, everybody would be doing it.

What often happens is a songwriter will stash away songs and only share them with close friends and trusted associates. The heart of the songwriter can be very sensitive, and THAT'S EXECTLY WHAT PEOPLE WHO CAN NOT WRITE SONGS NEED! Most of us are sensitive by nature ane we need songs that express our feelings and we can associate with. True Strings is always looking for and writing songs that do just that, capture the human spirt in song. Whether it be frustration with the system like in "Moose Turd Pie" or appreciating those relationships that make life worth living like "Circle of Friends," there will always be a need to reflect the emotions we collectively share, and there will alway be a shortage of songwriters who can effectively express them through their musical compositions. Lu Palacio is one of those special songwriters I work with who does just that. Go to the Cutting Room for more of his work.

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