Classic Rock has always had a grassroots origin

10/25/12 Classic Rock fans, welcome to the True Strings website and

My name is Mitch Brookhyser and I am the founding partner of True Strings. Working collectively with my partner, Danny Scholz, and a host of others, we produce quality recordings. We use a mixture of digital and analog techniques to keep our sound warm and pure. That's what makes True Strings sound classic.

True Strings is like music from a simpler time when guitar was king. The only difference is you haven’t heard our songs a thousands times on your radio... YET!. What’s classic is that we actually play the guitars you're hearing, we write the lyrics, we develop the ideas and we recorded them in our own studios. They have yet to invent a machine that can do all that thank goodness. So sit back, relax, and enjoy True Strings!

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