Circle Of Friends

11/6/12 Oh Boy! I just love the song writing of my long-time friend, Lu Palacio. Go to the "Cutting Room" for the latest work on "Circle Of Friends." Circle is the ring that forms around the fire. We have all been there. One of us will pull out a guitar and start playing and singing. We've been doing this for years, ever since high school. A lot has changed since then of course. Our town (Irvine), has grown exponentially as have we, both physically and mentally. Some of us carry scars that may never fully heal and the wisdom gained from the trials of this life comes so slow. That's what Circle is all about, seeing a fading golden vision with a few of your oldest and closest friends. People you love and trust. People that have been there, consistent, unchanging even though the rest of the world has changed so much. We don't just sing this stuff folks, we live it. "I won't shut down from lack of living with my circle of friends." Amen brother Lu!

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