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In Studio with Steve Bickle 5-8-2013 

So, I met with bassist Steve Bickle at the analog studio yesterday and we recorded the bass tracks to Circle of Friends and Tell Me Why. The both sound great and Steve was a pleasure to work with as a session musician. He was well prepared and with a few practice runs we were through with both songs in less than two hours. Good work Steve! Now I will take the bass recordings to the digital studio for transfer tonight. The "Process" continues.  

"Stay or Go" 

I woke up early on Friday morning, dropped my kids of at school and was looking forward to some time in my studio to work on a new tune. My wife had other ideas however. So I took a reprieve and drove over to the bluffs. I was listening to this show on the local classic rock radio station, KLOS 95.5, called "Heidi and Frank." Well I guess they do a bit called "Stay or Go" where they accept original recordings from unsigned artists. They air the music for critique by their audience. Depending on the feedback…

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Last outing to Canyon Lake on Sunday 

1-11-13 So I just set up all the banking accounts to operate out of the True Strings website and Danny and I are heading out to Canyon Lake to put the final touches on the 12 song CD. The CD cover is coming along well with the help of Doug Morrision and I also hooked up with Ted Medenhall regarding theme music he needs for videos he is creating for the fire department. I think that what we can offer him, with no copyright issues, will benefit him and True Strings. All this is great news.

Recording a song is what I call "The Process" 

12-1-12 Recording a song is a process. I've worked with a lot of musicians over the past twenty-five years. I've been in bands, played with friends, strangers and worked solo. I rarely find individuals or bands that can actually sit down and design their product. WHY...? Because if it were easy folks, everybody would be doing it!. Writing a song, playing a song, singing a song and then recording a song (so it sounds professionally recorded at least) are four different and distinct skill sets. At True…Read more

Work on the first True Strings CD is completed!! 

Hooked up with Mark Nathanson at Starbucks last night to pick up the mastered copies of all ten True Strings songs for the first CD. Wow! what a journey. Danny and I started this thing back in what... February. So making the decision to move forward, collecting all our old material, getting acquainted with the digital interface and transferring all our older analog to digital took about eight months. During that time we also wrote "Tomorrowland," "Moose Turd Pie," and "Making Me Whole." Considering we hold…Read more

Making Me Whole coming allong well 

11-13-12 Hooked up with Danny tonight. We put a few hours in on Making Me Whole and it is sounding pretty darn good. Hard to believe this song was just a little guitar riff two weeks ago. Drums are in. Vocals are much warmer with reverb and delay. The guitar is all EQd and we have put in the final vocal harmonies tonight. This one is close to finished and ready for the books. Oh Yeah!

Facebook is up and running! 

11-11-12 Alright now. Had to do a little playing around in Facebook but I think things have taken off there. I just received the first "likes" on the True Strings Facebook Page. Every step in this process has been a learning experience. I am waiting to here back from my buddy Bryan to work out the Twitter details. If you're reading this, you can navigate over to our Facebook icon and click. There are many more pictures and it's interactive so you can talk with True Strings and other supporters. Rock On!

The Heart of a Songwriter 

11/7/12 As a singer, musician, songwriter and producer I've found it very interesting working with songwriters. The biggest dream of a songwriter is to have their song produced, heard on the radio and appreciated by others. Some may hope to receive a nice paycheck and royalties for their efforts as well. The biggest fear of the songwriter is that people will hear their songs, and not like them. Taking the chance to share one's songs subjects the songwriter to criticisim, usually by people who have never…Read more

Circle Of Friends 

11/6/12 Oh Boy! I just love the song writing of my long-time friend, Lu Palacio. Go to the "Cutting Room" for the latest work on "Circle Of Friends." Circle is the ring that forms around the fire. We have all been there. One of us will pull out a guitar and start playing and singing. We've been doing this for years, ever since high school. A lot has changed since then of course. Our town (Irvine), has grown exponentially as have we, both physically and mentally. Some of us carry scars that may never fully…Read more

Making Me Whole 

11/1/12 Danny and I got into the studio tuesday night and put some touches on our new recording, "Making Me Whole." This acoustic guitar lick is paired with some harmony vocals and a message of a the longing relationship I have with my wife. Yeh, I did finally write a song theat was inspired by her. She's awsome and has supported this music thing since day one. The basic song is now uploaded for you in the "Cutting Room." Give it a listen and let us know what you think at