Danny Scholz and Mitch Brookhyser are True Strings

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Mitch hails from Irvine, California. Danny a native of Chicago, moved to Newport Beach in 1990. The two met one summer while Mitch was playing acoustic guitar on the beach. Danny, a lead guitar player, offered some guitar lessons to Mitch and a friendship  developed. Danny and Mitch formed a garage band where they wrote many original songstogether. They have been working and writing together ever since and have compiled a vast collection of music they now offer through True Strings Productions. 

True Strings candidly shares their songwriting process with fans. There's no gimicks, no lip-synching, no voicebox, no flash, no bling, and no egos. They write, sing, play, record, publish, distribute and promote totally orginal music that ROCKS! True Strings is 100% the real deal; just two guys doing everything they can to get their songs to fans who appreciate guitar-based electric and acoustic rock and roll music.   

Watch A Video: Recording "Rose and the Balladeer."

Listen Now: "Rose and The Balladeer" Post-Production Ready

Mitch and Danny - The Early Years